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 (prĭ-sĭd′ē-əl) also pre·sid·i·ar·y (-ĕr′ē)
Of, relating to, possessing, or being a garrison.


(prɪˈsɪdɪəl) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) presidential
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Erdogan might have another agenda and he might try to push for consolidating power," he said, refering to Erdogan's ambition to turn Turkey into a presidial system.
L'auteur rend bien la complexite de cette elite majoritairement composee d'officiers de justice de rang <<moyen>> qui exercaient au presidial, institution majeure pour la ville.
Il s'installa par la suite a Lyon ou il devint avocat au presidial de cette ville.
The document was inked by Bulgaria's Deputy Transport and IT Minister Parvan Rusinov and Head of the Presidial Section at the Austrian Federal Chancellery,Manfred Matzka.
El Sur, "the south," was the name Spanish colonists gave to the great expanse of rugged land along the coast below the presidial and missionary headquarters established in Monterey in 1770.
The participants came from the towns of Agen, Nerac, and Lectoure; among them were high-ranking Reformed judges from the special Protestant court chamber that was attached to the Parlement of Bordeaux, members of the regional presidial court, and many far more common folk.
The leadership of the Presidial and Mediation Committees remains unchanged, with Hilmar Kopper as Chairman and Dr.
Seigneurial jurisdictions only tend to delay justice, to nourish petty parish squabbles, to obscure the means of defense, to support animosity and resentment, and to encourage a little war between individuals whose worries for cultivation would better serve the state; therefore, the inhabitants of Marsay demand their suppression and the right to bring our contestation to the presidial courts .
Les clienteles ligueuses tournaient autour de Vincent Le Roy, lieutenant general au siege presidial.
Exasperated by public innuendoes about their allegedly injurious magical acts, some Catholic clerics even resorted to defamation suits against their accusers brought before local presidial courts and other secular provincial legal tribunals.
These actions follow the recommendations made by the supervisory board's presidial committee on March 28, 1992.
He married the daughter of the royal procureur, and ultimately became presidial procureur.