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 (prĭ-sē′dē-ō′, -sĭd′ē-ō′)
n. pl. pre·si·di·os
A garrison, especially a fortress of the kind established in the southwest United States by the Spanish to protect their holdings and missions.

[Spanish, from Latin praesidium, guard, defense, from praesidēre, to guard; see preside.]


(prɪˈsɪdɪˌəʊ; Spanish preˈsiðjo)
n, pl -sidios (-ˈsɪdɪˌəʊz; Spanish -ˈsiðjos)
(Military) a military post or establishment, esp in countries under Spanish control
[C19: from Spanish: garrison, from Latin praesidium a guard, protection; see preside]


(prɪˈsɪd iˌoʊ)

n., pl. -sid•i•os.
1. a garrisoned fort; military post.
2. a Spanish penal settlement.
[1755–65, Amer.; < Sp < Latin praesidium garrison, post, literally, defense]
pre•sid′i•al, adj.


A Spanish term meaning guard, used to mean a fortress such as one established by the Spanish in the southwestern United States.
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Noun1.presidio - a fortress established in the southwestern United States by the Spanish in order to protect their missions and other holdingspresidio - a fortress established in the southwestern United States by the Spanish in order to protect their missions and other holdings; "Tucson was first settled as a walled presidio"
fortress, fort - a fortified defensive structure
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