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Past tense and past participle of presell.
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Mantex receives several inquiries a week from various countries and has presold the new scanner prior to the start of the suggested development.
The City will then buy diesel fuel from Powerdyne over a 20 year period, which fuel has already been presold to a large regional trucking firm at a premium.
Tickets were presold months before the event and hundreds of fans had already secured their three-day passes for Nov.
stalled on a wide range of major unfinished, but often presold, residential projects.
The performance on July 17 has been presold to charity and no tickets will be available.
It's already presold and it hasn't even come in yet," said Fallon.
As they approach the 2013 season, they have already presold $300,000 in dresses to their Clients.
A scheme on the former Rover car site, in Longbridge, Birmingham, has also seen 57 of 115 homes either presold or reserved.
The 19th annual Emerald Empire Kiwanis Berry Sale postponed its pickup of presold buckets of berries from Thursday to June 30.
Meanwhile, in order to limit the scope of the policy's impact, Lee Suh-der, finance minister, announced exclusion of presold houses from the scope of the tax, as well as a number of conditions for exemption.
When the guest gets an invitation to the next public seminar, they are already presold on Brueckner's value.
Summit produced the picture for an estimated $30 million and presold foreign territories heavily to offset its cost exposure.