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tr.v. pre·sort·ed, pre·sort·ing, pre·sorts
To sort (mail) according to Zip Codes before delivering to a post office.


vb (tr)
to sort in advance



to sort (letters, packages, etc.) by zip code or class before collection or delivery to a post office.
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Tenders are invited for Mail Presorting and Metering Services
The company, which opened its doors more than a year ago, is a standalone operation with full service data-enhanced presorting and commingling capabilities.
This workflow integration will make it even easier for Window Book customers to utilize GrayHair capabilities and vice versa, providing added benefits and efficiencies before, during and after presorting mail.
The largely Lubo USA system includes a vibratory feeder, then an inclined conveyor with a presorting capability, followed by a primary starscreen that feeds two picking lines.
Hammer likes the quality of product he gets from the screens, but cautions that when using a star as the primary screen, one must do presorting to remove long, stringy materials that can wrap around the stars.
per piece off the mailing cost by presorting the mail yourself.
DBF file for address correction and presorting by Postalsoft, a specialized application that creates its own .
NYSE: PBI) today announced it is opening a new mail presorting facility in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Vendor Must Be A Full Service Vendor That Is Capable Of Providing All Services Requested With No Subcontracting Of Any Portions Of The Project, Including Presorting, Artwork, Programming And Electronic Presentation Of Bills And Statements.
In the past year, GrayHair has released numerous applications that provide complex services to mailers including MailWatch (TM), which monitors mail to identify and solve any major issues in the postal stream; an Informed Visibility Solution, which provides enhanced visibility into the movement of postal containers; and PredictivePresort (TM), which provides presort analysis before the regular presorting process.
Fred Goss and I exchanged compliments about the publisher after he told Fred that, although he has high regard for NL/NL, he doesn't do personal publicity, has never issued a press release, and has never done a newspaper story argued that if presorting delays lost you one customer, the cost savings from presorting were lost.
NYSE:PBI) today announced it is opening a new domestic mail presorting facility in Jacksonville, Florida.