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tr.v. pre·sort·ed, pre·sort·ing, pre·sorts
To sort (mail) according to Zip Codes before delivering to a post office.


vb (tr)
to sort in advance



to sort (letters, packages, etc.) by zip code or class before collection or delivery to a post office.
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com)-- This means that AccuZIP is now GOLD PAVE certified both electronic and hard copy for 100% of the USPS required and optional presorts.
MINNEAPOLIS -- PrairieStone Pharmacy has launched DailyMed, an innovative retail packaging solution that presorts multiple prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins into easy-to-use, single-dose packs.
At the open house, Pitney Bowes will demonstrate sorter technology as well as software that presorts mail in the production process and presort services.
net presorts all available listing information from each local Realtor Multiple Listing Service (MLS), each vintage listing is current and updated in real-time.
AutoMail automatically standardizes, verifies, codes and presorts customer addresses before statements are printed and mailed from financial institutions.
Jack Henry's item imaging products digitally capture the check image, then AutoMail automatically standardizes, verifies, codes and presorts the addresses.
PSI presorts, commingles and presents the mail to the USPS for reduced rates and expedited delivery for their customers.
It then checks for and allows the removal of costly duplicate records, and presorts by zip code based on USPS regulations for PAVE certification.