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1. One who presses clothes.
2. Any of various devices that apply pressure to a product in manufacturing or canning.
3. Informal A press conference.


1. any of various instruments or machines that apply pressure
2. a person who operates a (wine, olive, cloth, etc) press
3. (Professions) a person who operates a (wine, olive, cloth, etc) press


(ˈprɛs ər)

1. a person whose occupation is pressing or ironing clothes in a laundry or dry-cleaning establishment.
2. a person or thing that presses or applies pressure.
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A poor thrashing machine, or your Russian presser, they will break, but my steam press they don't break.
Theodore Presser Company has named Sonya Kim as its new CEO/President.
His work list on the Theodore Presser Company Web site at http://www.
Presser can discuss how Role-Based Assessment accurately predicts an individual's workplace behavior and gives insight into how to get the strategic edge.
org/ Presser King of Prussia, PA: Theodore Presser Co.
para]]PHILADELPHIA, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Presser Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of grantees for Capital Support.
The world's most lavishly rewarded space bar presser THE TIMESSole writer & producer of s***loads of hit records CALVIN HARRIS
But before you could even say "carbon monoxide," Salem elected officials--aka selectmen--sent word that a congresswoman holding a presser is a no-no.
Presser, an attorney specializing in domestic and international asset protection planning and author of Financial Self-Defense.
London, April 17 ( ANI ): Howard Schultz, the chairman and CEO of Starbucks, has revealed that the best way to make a cup of coffee - is to use a Bodum French press - a coffee presser brand.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry Presser also pointed to the propaganda campaign launched by the western media to portray a negative picture of the Islamic world, and called on the Islamic media to present the true nature, features, traits and specifications of Islam and its strong opposition to terrorism.
It employs a specified presser foot (feeler) of a specific diameter/area and combined with a predetermined mass (weight) as noted in the ASTM D 3767 standard.