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(ˈprɛzɪ) ,




an informal word for present221
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Key 103 breakfast host Mike Toolan says: "My dream Christmas pressie would be a new quality work bag.
The Beer Hamper, PS25, Hotel Chocolat Beer, chocs and munchies all in one nicely laid-out giftbox - a perfect easyto-pick-up pressie for dad.
Mum's word If you're still looking for the perfect Mother's Day pressie, forget the chocs and blooms and gift wrap a few hours of escapist bliss instead.
The 16-yearold posted a snap of Becks, 40, covered in chocs but we're sure he was dreaming about his best pressie.
EastEnders On Sonia's birthday, she gets more than just a pressie from her ex Martin and he stays the night.
Helmy showed off his pressie by taking a selfie with it and posting it on Facebook.
At my age my fashion sense has long since departed Don't wind me up, don't get me started A grown man in a baby romper suit, Whoever designed it deserves the boot I hear they are supposed to be all the rage, But come on fellas, act your age Next thing you know we'll be donning smocks, Putting on kilts just like the Jocks All this for me is way too much On a par with watching ballet, Strictly Come Dancing and such It really is a bridge too far The very idea of it is making me jar Lads, let's all make a pact, Promise me not to wear clothes like that We have to stand firm and hold our ground, We are men, we are proud So if you got a 'onesie' from your partner as a Christmas pressie, Don't you dare wear it, not on your nelly If she insists, then give her the welly.
The lovely inky animal print package is sold empty, so pressie.
1 WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN Give her a pat on the back with a pressie that shows your appreciation.
Think of it as a premature pressie from the former Squeeze man, and don't panic - all you sozzled Auld Lang Syners out there can still get your end-of-year Jools fix via his traditional televised musical countdown of the dying moments of December 31.
The vote on columnist was very close, Barlow wrote in the Pressie feature, which appears in the issue now on the street.