The time at which a publication, especially a newspaper, is submitted for printing.
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As of presstime, 110 golfers and 55 teams have registered for the 2-ball Texas Scramble format event where all participants will each receive a gift pack at the starter booth on tournament day.
The third collection was unnamed at presstime, but will retail for $249.
During that period, 850,000 bitcoins valued at $450 million went missing and, as of presstime, 650,000 of those bitcoins were still missing with no explanation as to how they disappeared.
com/BarackObamahttp://) here ), as of presstime, has 43.
In 2002, Presstime included Barker in its list of "20 under 40.
Gray as a board member until his death in early July, And at presstime, Sprint Nextel and Softbank were in the process of completing merger talks.
At presstime, Calgary Opera also announced the appointment of Christopher Mokrzewski as Resident Conductor, succeeding Gerrard.
Augustine Record where he was profiled in Presstime s inaugural 20 Under 40 feature in December 1993.
Dies are available from Lee and if you should just want to shoot it, Graf had loaded ammo from Precision Cartridge at presstime.
Either would require a two-thirds majority for approval--but at presstime, there was no word on the vote.
The final competitions were held yesterday, and while our electronic servants hadn't delivered all the final results to their human overlords by presstime, we can say with zero margin of error that each of the teams and schools that made the trip to Anaheim came out a winner.
In 2009 the group stopped actually printing its monthly magazine, Presstime, which is now a weekly email letter.