pressure dome

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Noun1.pressure dome - a dome-shaped building that is pressurized
dome - a hemispherical roof
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Angled tip laser fibre catheter similar to Schoborg angled tip laser catheter,Disposable presterilised pressure transducer to fit Laborie Dorado KT urodynamic system,Disposable presterilised Pressure dome to fit in medex pressure transducer of Laborie Dorado KT Urodynamic system ,Double lumen rectal balloon Catheter compatible for Laborie Dorado KT Urodynamic system.
Such reactors can operate at atmospheric pressure so they don't need an expensive pressure dome.
The pressure dome transmits an electrical signal to a computer that converts the information into a graph.
As the high pressure dome moves east, winds become primarily northeasterly.
There are going to be some unforeseen twists and turns in the market in 2007, because the pressure dome is just too big for that not to happen.
Mourinho will be welcomed to the pressure dome at the Stadio Dragio tonight with the lion's share of the 52,000conduct yourself off the field fans screaming for his head - and none of the 320 police officers present will be detailed to protect him.

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