Reducing valve

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a device for automatically maintaining a diminished pressure of steam, air, gas, etc., in a pipe, or other receiver, which is fed from a boiler or pipe in which the pressure is higher than is desired in the receiver.

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The project includes, but is not limited to, multiple points of connection along the main line and side streets; the installation of isolation valves; the installation of two pressure-reducing valve assemblies with above-ground enclosures, installation of fire hydrant assemblies; traffic control; trench excavation and disposal of excavated materials; pipeline flushing, disinfection, and testing; backfilling and compaction testing; temporary and permanent pavement restoration; and all other associated work such that the pipeline is ready for use in accordance with these plans and specifications.
A new pressure-reducing valve using thermoplastic materials is recommended for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications requiring ultrahigh purity.
Most processing machinery doesn't require the compressed-air pressure to be this high; many machines have a pressure-reducing valve at the machine inlet that takes the pressure down to 4 bar (58 psi) or less.
This new product meets customersEoACAO needs for a pressure-reducing valve certified for both liquid and gas with no adjustments needed.
If your water pressure is high, you can hire a plumber to install a whole-house pressure-reducing valve.
They incorporate a patented pressure-reducing valve that the company said produces extremely quiet, smooth and quick shifts (see January 2005, Diesel Progress).
The miniature 9014 Series pressure regulator is a compact pressure-reducing valve designed for systems in which size and weight are critical design factors.
A new "no frills" pressure-reducing valve, the D04, has been developed by Honeywell, featuring a simple construction and output pressure adjustment knob.
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