pressurized suit

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pres′surized suit′

an airtight suit that can be inflated to maintain approximately normal atmospheric pressure on a person in space or at high altitudes. Also called pressure suit.
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Also included in the U-2 discussion is how pilots are able to eat through a pressurized suit that has no flip down visor.
The U-2 pilot's pressurized suit is comprised of four layers.
NASA plans to test the pressurized suit on a person in a vacuum chamber.
People familiar with life in space tell us that a real astronaut, having taken off the pressurized suit, would be weightless in adult diapers, that is, Space Depends.
Wearing a pressurized suit and helmet, he accelerated to an astonishing 834 mph and was supersonic longer than expected.
of Worcester made Felix Baumgartner's special, pressurized suit, enabling the Austrian daredevil to briefly break the sound barrier after he jumped from a pressurized cabin attached to a helium balloon 24 miles up.
Baumgartner will be protected by from the extreme cold by a special pressurized suit.
Felix Baumgartner will ascend to 120,000 feet -- nearly 23 miles, or 36 km -- in a capsule taken up to the edge of the stratosphere by a gigantic helium balloon, before stepping out in a pressurized suit to fall back to earth.
Baumgartner explains, "You usually can control a skydive by adjusting your body position, but in the pressurized suit, every movement is slower.
One astronaut, Walter Cunningham - who flew on the first manned Apollo flight, Apollo 7 in 1968 - made national news in August 1964 when he fell and ripped open his pressurized suit on McKenzie Pass, leading to a better-designed suit, according to a story in the Bend Bulletin at the time.
He had developed a pressurized suit which was later to save many aviators in World War II, who hitherto had little protection to "blackouts" during dives, turns, and rapid altitude changes.

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