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1. Management or operation of a printing press.
2. The matter printed by such a press.


1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the operation of a printing press
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) the matter printed by a printing press



1. the working or management of a printing press.
2. the work done by it.
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Instead, as quietly and matter-of-factly as she had filled her dead mother's place in the home while her brothers and sisters were growing up, Rose stepped into her father's business, took over the editorship and with a boy to do the typesetting and presswork, continued the paper without missing an issue.
printing operation, which handles presswork for USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Business Journal and other titles.
c) Page Count: 1536 (128 4/c; 1408 1/c) of presswork
The car parts firm are classed as experts in transfer and progression presswork, welded assemblies, tube manipulation, exhaust bright trim and wire forming.
Sertec specialises in a range of steel and aluminium manipulation and assembly processes, including transfer and progression presswork, tube manipulation, wire forming, deep drawing, welded and self-piercing riveted components.
Five members of staff have started their new jobs at Newton Aycliffe leisure facility ROF 59, the former Presswork Metals factory which closed six years ago and is due to re-open as a PS1.
The joint venture between industrial powerhouse Shandong Yongtai and Telford-based tyre firm Treadsetters cleared the path for a PS30 million buyout of body panel suppliers Covpress 18 months ago, securing the future of a factory which began life in 1890 as the Coventry Radiator and Presswork Company.
The former Presswork Metals factory, on Aycliffe Business Park, has been closed since 2008, but plans are in place to convert the building into a new leisure facility, with rock climbing being the main attraction.
On Friday, after catching up with presswork, I will be setting off to Swansea for the Festival lecture at which I'm really looking forward to hearing Dr Lyn Davies speak about the life and music of Welsh composer Daniel Jones.
provider of Plexus Online on-demand software for the manufacturing enterprise, announced it is a contributing sponsor of the International Conference of Sheet Metal Presswork Associations (ICOSPA) Congress, Sept.
Reading Mrs O Wells' letter recently reminded me of the Scrivens family and surely Fred Bannister must have been the same Fred who worked at Forgings & Presswork, Birch Road, Witton.
The volume includes trouble-shooting guidance for problems with plates and presswork.