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1. Based on a presumption; presumed: the party's presumptive nominee.
2. Providing a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance: presumptive evidence.
3. Usage Problem Presumptuous: presumptive behavior.

pre·sump′tive·ly adv.
Usage Note: Presumptive is sometimes used with the meaning of "arrogant, presumptuous," as in It was very presumptive of you to speak to the senator in such an offhand manner. The Usage Panel overwhelmingly disapproves of this usage, with 83 percent rejecting the previous sentence and a similar example as well in our 2009 survey.
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Adv.1.presumptively - by reasonable assumption; "presumably, he missed the train"
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Before Ms Sitharaman's bellicose statement, the Pakistan Foreign Office had already issued a statement suggesting that India should not presumptively blame Pakistan for violence in IHK, as in the past such accusations have been created as an excuse for India to attack across the LoC and Working Boundary.
Zanders presumptively knew that his phone makes and receives calls by sending signals to towers," the decision said, "and that Sprint keeps records of these signals for business purposes like billing and tracking tower usage.
The FCC also seeks information on how to best authorize providers to block presumptively illegal calls.
A mid-August launch for the presumptively titled Galaxy Note 8 looks to be on the cards, with various reports confirming the date.
At a minimum, the FCC should eliminate bundling from the list of conduct that is presumptively consistent with good faith conduct in broadcast carriage talks," Polka said.
He argues that killing people is presumptively wrong; that war entails killing people, so it is wrong; that unless that presumption is defeated, war is morally impermissible; that the presumption has not been defeated; and that therefore, war is morally impermissible.
Similarly, the currently described eye lesions are presumptively associated with the virus.
A secondary story line, in which Mears discovers that a white teenager is being abused by a wealthy and influential relative, has less of an emotional impact than the gut-wrenching story of Virginia Christian, but it effectively illustrates the infuriating degree to which race and status confer impunity on some while presumptively condemning others.
Both the United States and Sweden have set high bars for criminalizing speech: speech is presumptively free unless it violates the "harm principle.
If yeast DNA is found, T2Candida will also presumptively determine the species category to which it belongs, information that helps to guide healthcare providers to provide appropriate treatment.
The 2nd, 11th and Federal Circuits viewed these settlements as presumptively legal.