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Selon une source au sein de la Compagnie Holding d'Electricite, le pret implique deux tranches.
With the new stores, Pret A Manger will have 37 Manhattan locations in total.
Pret has Newcastle outlets in Fenwick's department store as well as Northumberland and Grainger Street.
Upmarket sandwich chain Pret A Manger yesterday confirmed it was in talks to open an outlet at the St David's 2 shopping centre, Cardiff, some 23 years after its first store in London.
In a statement, Pret said: "We don't take the subject of price increases lightly.
Pret A Manger, French for 'ready to eat', specialises in sandwiches, baguettes and wraps, and has become known for its use of fresh ingredients.
Pret, famous for its preservative-free, fresh food, is said to be in preliminary talks with its bankers.
SINNER: Pret a Manger Chicken and Avocado on granary - 518 cals SAINT: Pret a Manger Chicken Caesar on granary - 477 cals
Pret a Manger chief executive, Clive Schlee said: "This project is providing Pret a Manger and FareShare with an opportunity to celebrate 10 years of partnership, but more importantly it will help develop a new initiative that will help thousands more vulnerable people in the community.
Down at the Cherry Street branch of Pret A Manger, the staff were cheerfully explaining what it was all about.
Worldwide Pret has more than 300 locations, mostly in the U.