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Ready-to-wear clothing.

[French, translation of English ready-to-wear : prêt, ready + à, to + porter, to wear.]


1. ready-made clothing.
2. being, pertaining to, or dealing in such clothing.
[1890–95, Amer.]


Ready-to-wear, or clothing that is ready to wear.
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Les magasins de pret-a-porter pour enfants exposent les tabliers de couleurs rose et bleu sur les devantures de leurs vitrines.
La haute couture, le pret-a-porter et le design d'interieur se presentent decidemment comme un support mnemotechnique aussi bien cultivant que captivant de la culture du Maroc qui s'affiche avec force sur les podiums de nombreux fashion-designers internationaux.
It was a film called Pret-A-Porter and we had to kiss in a railway carriage, and I just said to him in advance 'Please, no tongues'.
Films and stars from the iconic Miramax library include: Kevin Smith's breakthrough comedy Clerks; Flirting With Disaster, starring Ben Stiller; Keeping Up With The Steins with Jeremy Piven and Cheryl Hines; Kristen Stewart, Kristen Wiig, and Bill Hader in Adventureland; Robert Altman's Pret-A-Porter, with Julia Roberts and Tim Robbins; an all-star cast in Beautiful Girls; Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Jason Biggs in Jersey Girl; Matthew Broderick in The Night We Never Met and William H.
The place will host the high fashion, the pret-a-porter and our section of home decor.
In Ward's new pret-a-porter collection, easy-to-wear cocktail dresses reside side by side with dramatic evening gowns, all of which will come to enrich the wardrobe of anyone who thinks of themselves as a New Yorker at heart.
Considering that a young lad like Chesney probably thinks pret-a-porter is where you buy posh sandwiches, he takes a big chance in getting girlfriend Sinead a figure-hugging, revealing red dress.
com)-- This season, Jammies Pret-a-Porter introduces stylish holiday comfort wear for baby
There are photographs from Versace's 1994 haute couture show, Vivienne Westwood's 1995 pret-a-porter show and John Galliano's 1997 pret-a-porter show.
Cinq jours de pret-a-porter masculin puis quatre de haute couture: la valse des defiles reprend a Paris entre le 26 juin et le 4 juillet, avec des dizaines de shows et une presentation particulierement attendue: celle de Christian Lacroix, qui revient, le temps d'une collection, pour faire renaEtre Schiaparelli.
Thursday, May 2, 7:00 pm Pret-a-Porter (Ready to Wear) Searing Wing and Historic Asolo Theater