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Existing before tax deductions: pretax income.



adj., adv.
prior to the payment of taxes.
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Disbursements containing both pretax and after-tax contributions may be treated as a single distribution.
The company has also provided revenue and pretax income guidance for Q2 2005 and a pretax income guidance for the full year.
known as Air Do, is expected to post a pretax profit for the fiscal first half ended Sept.
Advance Visual Communications interim pretax loss was pounds 3.
4 million pretax gain on sale of servicing, which reflects the sale of approximately $6.
This year, the pretax limit is $9,500 a year, unless your plan sets a lower limit - for example, 10 percent of your income.
For the year ended 2006, the bank reported pretax income of $3.
15p) Harvey Nichols Group interim pretax profit was pounds 6.
The top Japanese construction machinery maker said it posted a consolidated pretax profit of 11.
Sidlik, Chairman of Chrysler Financial Corporation (CFC), today announced the company reported second quarter 1996 pretax earnings of $155 million, the highest quarterly pretax earnings in the company's history.
If a $100 misstatement of XYZ's pretax income is considered material, is 1990 pretax income materially misstated?
For the three-months ended June 30, 2006, the bank reported pretax income of $249,000, or $0.