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A preteen.
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Noun1.preteenager - a preadolescent boy or girl (usually between 9 and 12 years of age); "little league is intended for the preteens"
juvenile, juvenile person - a young person, not fully developed
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Nearly half of the fathers (45%) had at least one child older than their preteenager.
The filmmaker said an eightyear- old would interpret love as infatuation and a preteenager would like to share comics and other things with the one he or she likes.
You think that being a librarian has something to do with reading books because as a teenager and a preteenager I was an avid reader so I thought being an avid reader means you should work in a bookstore or a library.
8, and 46% had at least one child older than their preteenager (not shown).
1) About half of the women-all of whom were nurses--said that they would have both a preteenage daughter and an older teenager (a 16-18-year-old) vaccinated, four in 10 said only an older teenage daughter, one in 10 said neither a pre-teenager nor an older teenager, and a negligable proportion said only a preteenager.
Learners' age range and characteristics that preteenagers and teenagers present at this precise moment of their lives is thus a current subject matter that cannot be disregarded by teacher education syllabi, exactly because adolescents do share common affective, intellectual, physical, and social features, no matter where they come from.
A close relationship with grandparents seems to be associated with having a more positive attitude toward their own aging among preteenagers (McGuinn & Mosher-Ashley, 2002).
We present here our experience with three cases of spermatic cord torsion with testicular and epididymal necrosis due to misdiagnosis presenting in preteenagers in winter season.
Validation of SCOFF questionnaire among preteenagers.
All the preteenagers are a year or two older than those currently fielded in New York by School of American Ballet; and the lead two, Marie and Drosselmeier's nephew (the only characters seen in both acts), are played by children who are 13.
Compared with self-reported nondrinkers, risk for suicide ideation and/or attempt was higher in young adolescents who reported drinking alcohol as preteenagers (adjusted odds ratio, 2.
Keywords: hopelessness, Turkish preteenagers, primary school, structural equation modeling.