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1. The act of passing by, disregarding, or omitting.
2. Law The failure of a testator to provide for a legal heir in his or her will.
3. Christianity The Calvinist doctrine that God neglected to designate those who would be damned, positively determining only the elect.

[Late Latin praeteritiō, praeteritiōn-, a passing over, from Latin praeteritus, past participle of praeterīre, to go by; see preterite.]


1. the act of passing over or omitting
2. (Law) Roman law the failure of a testator to name one of his children in his will, thus invalidating it
3. (Theology) (in Calvinist theology) the doctrine that God passed over or left unpredestined those not elected to final salvation
[C17: from Late Latin praeteritiō a passing over]
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Noun1.preterition - suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted
rhetorical device - a use of language that creates a literary effect (but often without regard for literal significance)
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This is effectively a concise explanation of reprobation, as the Baptists affirm that though the first cause of human destiny is God, the proximate causes are whether God chooses to manifest his grace in election and salvation or his justice in preterition.
Thus Gilead "passes over" the opportunity to draw conclusions from the material to bring her secular, lyrical preterition to the fore.
Ainsi, dans l'evenement festif meme est signifiee la fin d'un tabou par preterition.
Suleiman analyzes the rhetorical strategies of preterition, "the paradoxical combination of 'saying while not saying'" (208), that each writer employs to evoke his own problematic memory of childhood trauma.
Contemporary liberalism habitually sees the average person as condemned to preterition, helplessly enthralled by his reactionary "middle class" ideology, and as embodying an insufferable scandal to his sanctified other.
Again, Thomas dissociates himself from his rhetorical object of denunciation by claiming, with more than a little preterition, to be lost for words at such unseemly behaviour.
They also help Lawson reject sentimentality by means of a conspicuous metatextual gesture, they uncover the authorial need to invalidate the myths the paragraph enumerates, draw attention to the honesty of the account, and--because of the recurrence of preterition and the effort to justify the absences by using double explanations--they also disclose the real and the fictitious character of the story.
Qui plus est, l'emploi de la preterition est curieux dans l'enonce cite ci-dessus : Claire annonce qu'elle ne peindra pas ses sentiments, mais elle les nomme tout de meme (" la pitie, l'emotion, l'image de l'amour ").
New England settlers, true believers in election and preterition, helped found a country where free will is given vast rein.
While this chapter highlights the difficulty inherent in talking about literature's symbolic spaces and places in material terms, it clearly aims to illustrate its thesis: that Deane's apparently conventional Irish novel "challenges received spatial discourses, showing that familiar places may possess alternative meanings or functions, while places apparently absent through ignorance or preterition may in fact be present all along, modifying .
1-6), the play by preterition permits us not to forget what it pretends to suppress, attaching references to Don Pedro's anterior, martial self and to his status as an outsider, even as it would appear to labor to integrate him in the comic community and doings of Messina.