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Impersonating another person or otherwise engaging in misrepresentation in order to obtain an individual's private personal information.

pre′text′er n.


(Law) the practice of deceiving individuals into surrendering personal information for fraudulent purposes
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Pretexting an appointment one afternoon, for he was not a little ashamed of his weakness, he left Dunsford and went straight to the shop which he had vowed never again to enter.
15 (a)(2)(ii) and as such never engages in pretexting to to gain information.
As evidenced by In re Pautler and In re Hurley, however, it is not clear whether pretexting is a permissible tool under the Rules of Professional Conduct.
ASIS was asked by investigators who are Society members to take an official position against legislation in California that would outlaw pretexting, described as the use of false, fraudulent, or fictitious information in the course of gathering personal information during investigations.
Allied's response was that there was no evidence that I was a victim of pretexting and my request for a real investigation into BLX was brushed aside as unworthy.
Tom Dresslar, a spokesman for California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, emphasized on Monday that the state's inquiry remains focused exclusively on pretexting.
CLEVELAND -- Axentis, the leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management solutions, announced today the results of its pretexting survey of over 100 GRC professionals.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite recent legal actions against companies that engage in pretexting and other illegal techniques to investigate fraud, misconduct, or simply to obtain confidential competitor information, 42 percent of organizations responded that they currently do not have written guidelines against the use of such methods of investigation, according to an online poll conducted by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP (Deloitte FAS).
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that three Internet research companies have agreed to settle charges that they obtained private information about individuals under false pretenses--also known as pretexting.
Webinar Co-Hosted by Business Finance Magazine to Introduce the Topic of Pretexting and Deliver Framework for Managing all Related Issues
But she says she didn't know about the pretexting until late June, when she saw an e-mail to Perkins from HP's outside counsel, Larry Sonsini.
Of 151 members of New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) responding to a September 25-29 survey about recent coverage of the Hewlett-Packard pretexting scandal and its aftermath, 62 percent say that media presented a fair characterization of former Chairwoman Patricia Dunn, who resigned following revelations that she authorized an investigation using dubious methods to uncover identities of Board members who may have leaked information to the press.