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Variant of praetorian.
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Adj.1.pretorian - of or relating to a Roman praetor; "praetorial powers"
2.Pretorian - characteristic of or similar to the corruptible soldiers in the Praetorian Guard with respect to corruption or political venality; "a large Praetorian bureaucracy filled with ambitious...and often sycophantic people makes work and makes trouble"- Arthur M.Schlesinger Jr.
corrupt - lacking in integrity; "humanity they knew to be corrupt...from the day of Adam's creation"; "a corrupt and incompetent city government"
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For their men of war; it is a dangerous state, where they live and remain in a body, and are used to donatives; whereof we see examples in the janizaries, and pretorian bands of Rome; but trainings of men, and arming them in several places, and under several commanders, and without donatives, are things of defence, and no danger.
Palmer's top tip Christiaan Bezuidenhout 80-1 Coetzee is the centre of attention and market leader, but a different Pretorian who has been chalked up at bigger prices is a more appealing betting proposition.
Pretorian and Jurisprudential Recognition of the Social Function of Property Designated for Public Use--Res publicae in publico usu
In this author's view, insisting on a supposed Pretorian point of view by the judiciary would be to take the argument too far, in spite of a certain voluntarism by the federal public attorneys and, in some sectors, inspiration from the Clean Hands ('Mani Pulite') Operation of Italy (27).
An investigation into the couple's background established that they had met when working as crew members on board the Pretorian, MURDER CASEBOOK which sailed between Glasgow and Canada.
Managing director Mr Sam Malaba has announced that there was good rapport between Agribank, a state-owned bank, and Pretorian government-owned IDC as it has extended credit to the bank before amounting to $60 million.
Many international forces employ a Pretorian Guard-like group to protect the organization and its leaders from infiltration by spies.
It is undeniable that the Pretorian court controversy, with the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir attending and departing freely from the AU Summit in South Africa, by and large over-shadowed the summit's main theme.
Former cabinet members like Hilary Clinton, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta have all told the same story of being unable to break through Obama's pretorian guard and consequent failure to build any close relationship with the president.
Thus the Pretorian guard became more and more important in Rome as Rome became more and more luxurious and feeble.
The Pretorian continued in the same spree post lunch, beginning with a birdie on the 12th, followed by a bogey on the 13th, before signing off his round with a hat-trick of birdies.
PISTORIUS TRIAL: Oscar Pistorius, South African "Blade Runner" was taken to the court on Tuesday while Pretorian Court postponed amputee athlete's hearing to August 19th.