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tr.v. pre·treat·ed, pre·treat·ing, pre·treats
To treat (wood or fabric, for example) beforehand.

pre·treat′ment n.


vb (tr)
to treat in advance
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And in another experiment, mice that were pretreated with aspirin for 10 days prior to cancer cell exposure were found to have less cancerous growth in comparison with those that were not pretreated.
Tenders are invited for Revolving Stool Over All Size 460-690Mmx300mm Dia Stainless Steel Top Having Height Adjustment By Screw Mechanism Tubular Frame Work Leg Fitted With Pvc Shoes Finishes Pretreated In 11 Tank Hot Process And Epoxy Pretreated Powder Coated.
Both the osmotic pretreated and un-pretreated tomato samples were cryogenically frozen at -40 K by liquid nitrogen.
Reinforces Current Phase II Interim Response Rates in Heavily Pretreated Patients, Further Supporting Continued Development Plans
Toxicity of tested insecticides pretreated with the tested fertilization against different Spodoptera larval instars:
Data from TGA was used in the evaluation of % weight loss and % carbon yield for the untreated controls and the EDA pretreated and thermally stabilized samples.
The scientists pretreated polycarbonate with ultraviolet light and heat and exposed it to three kinds of fungi - including the fabled white-rot fungus, used commercially for environmental remediation of the toughest pollutants.
But before the bacteria can perform such work, the straw must be pretreated and hydrolyzed.
A retrospective study of bifractionated CPT-11 with LF5FU infusion (FOLFIRI-3) in colorectal cancer patients pretreated with oxaliplatin and CPT-11 containing chemotherapies
Cabot Corporation has been granted a patent for a method of preparing an aqueous colored pigment dispersion comprised of the steps of combining a colored pigment and an azo coupler to form a pretreated colored pigment, and combining, in any order, the pretreated colored pigment, an aromatic amine, a diazotizing agent, and an aqueous medium, wherein the aromatic amine comprises as least one ionic group, at least one ionizable group, or a mixture of at least one ionic group and at least one ionizable group.
The body weights of both control animals and rbST treated animals increased stepwise as compared with the pretreated period, while rbST treated animals had a significant higher weight gain in late lactation (p<0.