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tr.v. pre·treat·ed, pre·treat·ing, pre·treats
To treat (wood or fabric, for example) beforehand.

pre·treat′ment n.


vb (tr)
to treat in advance
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Make-up, chocolate and sweat are some of the toughest stains to remove; the best way to get rid of them is by pretreating them in the convenient sink of the Activ Dual Wash.
The broadcast advertising at issue features a visual comparison of the advertiser's product against an unidentified orange bottle that closely resembles an Arm & Hammer liquid detergent bottle, a voiceover that states "for more cleaning power than just washing with the leading value detergent and booster combined" and the following super: "Comparison based on pretreating and washing with All Stainlifters vs.
Currently, pretreating cellulose with acid is a common way to break the material down into fermentable sugars.
The latter could be used in tie-layer resins, TPEs for hard/soft overmolding, or for pretreating nanoctays or wood fibers.
It is comprised of pretreating in which a polypropylene material is beforehand cleaned, and then applying a water-based adhesion promoter, which is comprised of a grafted polypropylene chloride, which includes a polypropylene chloride moiety and a maleic anhydride moiety as bonded thereto, and which has a chlorine content of 15-25 weight percent and a maleic anhydride moiety content of one to five weight percent; an amine-neutralized water-soluble resin; a wettability-improving agent; and water.
Adhesive technologies developed by 3M are said to enable the bonding of low-surface-energy (LSE) plastics such as polypropylene (PP) or other thermoplastic olefins--without pretreating.
Even where water and firewood are available, Butler finds, pretreating "is not always sufficient to render [grass peas] safe.
In a second part of the study, use of Ceragenix's Barrier Repair Technology will be evaluated as a potential means of pretreating persons at risk for eczema vaccinatum to prevent the development of the disease.
It consists of a vibratory feeder, pretreating section, four-color print station, uv dryer, and siliconizing station.
Pretreating the rats with a dopaminereceptor antagonist, which blocks the receptors, prevented the agonist from working its magic, they report.
The abstract, entitled Pretreating with Vaginal Lidocaine Reduces Induced Uterine Contractions and Pain in Chronic Dysmenorrhea, will be presented as a poster at the ACOG 2005 Annual Clinical Meeting, to be held May 7-11, 2005, in San Francisco, California.