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tr.v. pre·treat·ed, pre·treat·ing, pre·treats
To treat (wood or fabric, for example) beforehand.

pre·treat′ment n.


vb (tr)
to treat in advance
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Corrosion resistance can be further improved by using suitable primers or substrate pretreatments.
As one of few companies in the world to manufacture pretreatments, e-coats, primers, basecoats and clearcoats, PPG is uniquely positioned to provide products and services for every stage of the coating process for aluminum and steel substrates.
14] studied the pretreatment of coconut husk by alkaline and bleaching and found that the pretreatments were effective in reducing the lignin content and increasing cellulose content.
Eleven contributions discuss the specifics of physical, chemical, and biological pretreatments, ultrasound pretreatment for sludge digestion, microwave sludge irradiation, hydrolytic enzymes, and oxidizing agents and organic solvents, among other topics.
Zircobond pretreatment offers significant environmental and cost advantages over traditional zinc-phosphate pretreatments without sacrificing product performance.
The quality of metal pretreatments can vary between different suppliers, different coating lines, and different days on a given line.
In addition, they studied whether pretreatments that reinforce cell-cell adhesion by a calcium-pectin network could enhance the suitability of the products for HPSF.
Average germination was relatively low with the common pretreatments of cold-wet alone (39% in 1998 and 17% in 1999) and warm-wet plus cold-wet pretreatment (33% in 1998 and 1999).
3] pretreatments and an uncoated tool were examined in the continuous milling of medium density fiberboard, melapi (Shorea spp.
Producers of paints, pretreatments, and plastics resins are scrambling to satisfy stiffer specs for durability and VOCs.
Similar growth increases occurred with 6- or 12-hour pretreatments of cellulose, although for this material the lower spectral range appeared to make the diet more palatable.