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 (prē-trī′əl, -trīl′)
A proceeding held before an official trial, especially to clarify points of law and facts.
1. Existing or occurring before a trial: pretrial detention; pretrial hearings.
2. Of or relating to a pretrial.


(priˈtraɪ əl, -ˈtraɪl)

1. a proceeding held by a judge, arbitrator, etc., before a trial to clarify issues of law and fact and stipulate certain matters between the parties.
2. of or pertaining to such a proceeding.
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Noun1.pretrial - (law) a conference held before the trial begins to bring the parties together to outline discovery proceedings and to define the issues to be tried; more useful in civil than in criminal cases
group discussion, conference - a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"


adj (Jur) → vor der Hauptverhandlung
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Solution helps department handle pretrial management more effectively and efficiently
Imperial County s realignment plan includes a Pretrial Service Unit, Classification, and Case Management with offenders.
States with laws that consider crime victims' needs in their pretrial release policies, according to NCSL's new Trends in Pretrial Release report.
It is a frustrating event for any chief of justice (CoJ) or trial counsel (TC) to witness an accused's time in pretrial confinement result in a large credit against confinement because of conditions at the civilian confinement facility (CCF) (2) contracted by the installation.
25 (Violation of a Condition of Pretrial Release From a Domestic Violence Charge).
Gamache, 21, of 165 Oxford Road, Charlton, breaking and entering in a building in the nighttime for a felony, pretrial probation until June 6, 2014, 10 hours community service, stay away from the school, $100 restitution; trespassing, pretrial probation until June 6, 2014; resisting arrest, pretrial probation until June 6, 2014.
As early as the 11th century, Anglo-Saxon courts began letting persons accused of a crime avoid pretrial detention in return for putting up some security--typically money or property--meant to guarantee their attendance when the court date finally arrives.
Summary: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon's Pretrial Judge Daniel Fransen held a status conference Tuesday with members of the prosecution and the defense to take stock of the two sides' progress as the trial date draws closer.
According to Trexler, every pretrial services program would benefit from operating under the auspices of a state or local corrections agency.
Outsourcing justice; the role of nonprofit caseworkers in pretrial release programs.
7, 2010): Pretrial service officers, who determine release terms for defendants awaiting trial, are state Judicial Department employees.