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1. Generally current; widespread: the prevailing attitude.
2. Blowing usually or most frequently from a given direction: a prevailing easterly wind.

pre·vail′ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: prevailing, prevalent, current
These adjectives denote what exists or is encountered generally at a particular time. Prevailing applies to what is most frequent or common at a certain time or in a certain place: took a poll to find the prevailing opinion. Prevalent suggests widespread existence or occurrence but does not imply predominance: a belief that was prevalent in the Middle Ages. Current often stresses the present time and is frequently applied to what is subject to frequent change: current psychoanalytic theories.
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But it would be no fair picture of Clifford's state of mind were we to represent him as continually or prevailingly wretched.
For the population and magistrates of London were prevailingly Puritan, and the great body of the Puritans, then as always, were strongly opposed to the theater as a frivolous and irreligious thing--an attitude for which the lives of the players and the character of many plays afforded, then as almost always, only too much reason.
Further, two categories that were abuzz in recent years -- ethnic foods and pharmacy -- are expected to remain prevailingly popular with shoppers in the year ahead.
2 mm thick near the base, coriaceous, suberect-arcuate, distinctly channeled toward the base mainly under water stress, nearly flat toward the apex, dark red, densely adpressed and coarsely white-lepidote abaxially to glabrescent, nerved, adaxially glabrous, margins strongly revolute mainly under water stress, subdensely to laxly spinose, spines narrowly-triangular, acicular, prevailingly spreading, castaneous toward the apex, glabrous, 3-4 mm long, ca.
In Early Middle English it became a prevailingly deadjectival one with the sense 'a quality'.
The argillaceous beds are prevailingly greenish-grey, with very rare small red- or lilac-coloured spots.
The boundary between these belts is one of the most significant facies boundaries, separating prevailingly carbonate rocks of the shelf area from the more argillaceous rocks of the deeper basin (e.
The -lic(e) suffix is prevailingly restricted to the South and Kentish dialects (171 and 41 examples respectively), and only few instances appear in other dialect areas (WM 6 -lic and EM 7 -lice tokens).
more than 50%, show forms with metathesis, prevailingly those of the verb irnan 'run' and its variants.
The texts produced there prevailingly contain the eode-type, as does Layamon B (c.
U demonstrates a prevailingly back range [[LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ~ [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]], except in drunk, where the vowel has a central quality.