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v. pre·vent·ed, pre·vent·ing, pre·vents
1. To keep from happening; avert: took steps to prevent the strike.
2. To keep (a person or thing) from doing something; impede: prevented us from winning; prevented the disease from spreading.
3. Archaic
a. To anticipate or counter in advance.
b. To come before; precede.
To present an obstacle: There will be a picnic if nothing prevents.

[Middle English preventen, to anticipate, from Latin praevenīre, praevent- : prae-, pre- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·vent′a·bil′i·ty, pre·vent′i·bil′i·ty n.
pre·vent′a·ble, pre·vent′i·ble adj.
pre·vent′er n.
Synonyms: prevent, preclude, avert, obviate, forestall
These verbs mean to stop or hinder something from happening, especially by advance planning or action. Prevent implies anticipatory counteraction: "Some contemporaries believed that capitalism and the rise of an international economy would prevent war among 'civilized' states" (John Howard Morrow).
To preclude is to exclude the possibility of an event or action: "a tranquillity which ... his wife's presence would have precluded" (John Henry Newman).
Avert and obviate imply that something, such as a difficulty or necessity, has been removed or avoided: The pilot's quick thinking averted an accident. The short duration of the journey obviated the need for large food supplies. Forestall usually suggests anticipatory measures taken to counteract, neutralize, or nullify the effects of something: We installed an alarm system to forestall break-ins.
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18) Paradoxically, well-intentioned prevention messages that stress the preventability of FASD or focus exclusively on the mother's behaviour or role in the development of FASD can inadvertently contribute to blame and shame.
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43) The topos of preventability in EU good governance discourse engages in a similar strategy by means of connecting state fragility with extreme future formulations of terrorism and radicalisation in line with which a future strategy, named in the second excerpt as "a preventive approach", is devised.
Concurrent with release of the Trump Administration's inaugural regulatory agenda, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiated a 24-month or longer pilot for its Crash Preventability Program Demonstration, accepting truck owner or operator requests for data reviews (RDR)--plus supporting documents, photos or video footage--when accidents entail commercial motor vehicles being struck a) in the rear; b) by a motorist driving under the influence or in the wrong direction; c) white legally stopped or parked; d) by an individual committing or attempting to commit suicide by stepping or driving in front of the truck; or, e) by cargo or equipment from another vehicle.
19) The preventability criteria via the Schumock and Thornton scale were definitely preventable (as the patient had a definite history of ADR with the same drug).
Vaccine Preventability of Meningococcal Clone, Germany
Selection criteria for prioritisation included: all-cause mortality, healthcare and community burden, prevalence of resistance, 10-year trend of resistance, transmissibility, preventability in hospital and community settings, and treatability and current pipeline, thereby making the exclusion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the PPL inconceivable, justifiably provoking the international medical and scientific fraternity.
Given this insistence during the last months of its publication on assuring its political neutrality by turning away from a humor premised on the political preventability of hunger, there is little surprise that Dorfman and Mattelart would reject Topaze's "caricaturas anticuadas" of "[el] rostro de Juan Verdejo" as they searched for "[un] representante autentico del trabajador contemporaneo" who could serve as "[la] mueca [del hambre chilena]" during Allende's Popular Unity government.
Bacteria were categorized based on factors including their burden on health care and communities, transmissibility and preventability in hospital and community settings.
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In spite of high magnitude and their preventability, these are not being addressed in an organized and problem solving way.