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(prɛks) (ˈprɛksɪ) ,




(Education) a slang term for a college president
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Prex, dejando atras a Gabriele Munter, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, August Macke y Adolf Erbsloh, entre muchos otros.
La variable PREX (variacion del precio de las exportaciones) presenta resultados alternos y sin significatividad estadistica (9).
Another is the verb precor and the related noun prex (a prayer, entreaty, petition, curse).
From Martin, the T75 Prex sliding table saw features a 204mm cutting height and a 92-degree cutting angle.
The machine is equipped with a PREX motor, and offers a max machining diameter of 16.
Schopfheim, German-based OYSTAR Huttlin has set a milestone for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, located in Saint Prex in Switzerland: an environmentally friendly closed-loop plant for organic solvents has been installed at this highly specialized biopharmaceutical manufacturer's facilities.