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n. pl. prex·ies Slang
A president, especially of a college or university.

[Shortening and alteration of president.]


(ˈprɛk si)

n., pl. prex•ies
Slang. a president, esp. of a college or university.
[1870–75, (by shortening and alter. of president) + -y2]
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Noun1.prexy - the head administrative officer of a college or university
academic administrator - an administrator in a college or university
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As part of the shuffle, DC Entertainment prexy Diane Nelson adds oversight of the WB Interactive Entertainment unit, overseeing its vidgame biz.
Actually Snitcherinos, King John has on several occasions in the past reminded listeners of his Palestinian heritage--in fact his daddy was born and raised in Jerusalem, the very city that Willard insists will be recognized as the capital of Israel when and if he becomes prexy.
Ginny's guests include Paramount prexy Sherry Lansing, producer Suzanne de Passe, Jolene Schlatter, Polly Bergen - and on and on.
Following the share price fall after SCR filed with the SEC to refinance its bonds, prexy James B.
Preston Davis, the first African-American to hold a prexy post at ABC, died April 15 after an illness.
Mittens Romney, the GOP prexy candidate-in-waiting was in NH t'other day, along with GOP vice prexy-in-her-dreams Kelly Ayotte.
You might remember the photos of CBS prexy Peter Lund with his pants pockets inside-out in November, when Cosby's $1 million-an-episode deal was announced.
To back this contention, Barbera, himself a Cannes juror in 2010, recalls Moretti in action as Venice jury prexy in 2001 when, "after trying his best to push the movie he wanted"--Iranian helmer Babak Payami's "Secret Ballot" against Austrian helmer Ulrich Seidl's "Dog Days"--"Nanni relented.
Mueller was ousted from Venice in December 2011, after an eight-year run, in a power clash with his boss, Biennale prexy Paolo Baratta.
The odd man out in the scenario is Alan Horn, who has been prexy and chief operating officer of Warner Bros.
prexy Armando Nunez, say business never went away in 2009, others believe the solid biz at Mip TV repped evidence of a partial rebound.
There was, of course, a major turnout of HBO execs, including topper Bill Nelson, co-prexy Richard Plepler and programming prexy Michael Lombardo, who spoke of the series "walking a fine line in showing both heroism and being unflinchingly honest about the brutality of war.