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Noun1.price floor - floor below which prices are not allowed to fall; "the government used price supports to maintain the price floor"
floor, base - a lower limit; "the government established a wage floor"
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28) If the costing standards are the same and based on the efficient-firm cost standard, then this is akin to no meaningful competitive price floor, whatsoever, because the incumbent firm's cost floor is limited only by its own speculation as to how efficient it might be.
Since Telser [9], economists have come to recognize pro-competitive motivations for a manufacturer's decision to impose resale price maintenance (RPM), used as a price floor, on his retail network.
Lvia work on the extension of alsiva oy as a total price floor.
The Government had promised energy-intensive industries such as Tata would be able to benefit from a PS100m compensation package to protect them from the Carbon Price Floor Tax introduced in April.
The UK has a set carbon price floor, meaning it is much more expense here than elsewhere in Europe, and UK manufacturers pay more for their electricity than their EU competitors.
Meanwhile a carbon price floor, which will put a minimum price on carbon use from 2013, is designed to boost investment in renewable energy.
EEF estimates that one of these measures alone, the Carbon Price Floor could increase the price manufacturers pay for their electricity by another 10 per cent by 2020.
Even otherwise, the adverse effects on competition including, setting minimum price, fixing price element and therefore the price for the provision of brokerage services to all the interested players, prevention of competitive bidding, reduction of trading volumes by over 98%, trapping of investors looking to sell below the price floor level, making investors buy at minimum artificial prices, placing restraint on choice etc.
Whether particular price floor proposals promote economic efficiency depends on the circumstances particular to the business decision in question.
Fitch believes that average New York Independent System Operator's (NYISO) Zone J capacity and energy prices will remain below the PPA price floor requiring the project to refinance up to $75 million, in Fitch's Base Case, of the target amortization portion of the first lien loan.
But the unsung hero in the UKs progress has been the introduction of the Carbon Price Floor (CPF).