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Noun1.price floor - floor below which prices are not allowed to fall; "the government used price supports to maintain the price floor"
floor, base - a lower limit; "the government established a wage floor"
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The 2008 Climate Change Act had uncritical cross-party support and it was the Coalition Government which introduced the Carbon Price Floor in 2013.
Massachusetts has a price floor that's declining but still won't go lower than $189.
The EEF said that the present framework of making use of green taxes to tax pollution, like the carbon price floor and carbon minimization devotion, literally penalize businesses by more red-tape and higher expense.
ICIS believes CCA prices will stay close to the price floor throughout the next two years, but will lift off the floor way before the fundamentals suggest
3 Current price: PS9 Price floor should minimum unit pricing be introduced: PS7.
Markets continue to look for an oil price floor, which, on current (but no doubt temporary) evidence, appears to be in the USD 45-50 range.
The S Curve, introduced in North West Shelf's contracts with Tepco and other buyers of Australian LNG, provided a crude oil price floor of $13-16.
Much of the pain in the oil market is down to the fact that there was a generally accepted belief that the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) would support an unofficial oil price floor around $90 (through controlling supply).
High Chinese oil demand, which has remained above 10 million bpd for the past three months, could help provide a price floor.
That was a very welcome first step given how much of a competitive disadvantage the carbon price floor would impose on British based firms.
It is another headwind for any rally in gold this year, and it also means the price floor may be a bit shakier.
Measures will include capping the carbon price floor (CPF), which sets rising amounts for the carbon tax paid by electricity generators.