price gouging

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Noun1.price gouging - pricing above the market price when no alternative retailer is available
pricing - the evaluation of something in terms of its price
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Deputy Dooley said: "This price gouging is shortsighted and damaging to Ireland's reputation as a welcoming place for leisure and business travellers.
As the state ratcheted up its oversight at gasoline stations to prevent possible price gouging, local inspectors said they haven't fielded any complaints, although the increase in gas prices is being questioned.
WASHINGTON -- President Obama has signed an order directing the Food and Drug Administration to take further action to prevent and reduce prescription drug shortages, protect consumers and stop price gouging.
Cooper warned consumers to be on the lookout for price gouging and invited them to report suspected incidents of it.
In a response typical of populist politicians, senators on both sides of the aisle responded to the lack of price gouging evidence by promising anti-gouging legislation.
Ted Kulongoski to order lawmakers to Salem for a special session to pass a law against price gouging at the gas pumps.
Circuit Court of Appeals also backed the president and ruled that price controls are unwarranted although Davis says it's FERC's duty to make sure that California consumers are not subject to price gouging.
David Collenette, the Canadian Transport Minister, has introduced a new bill into parliament that is designed to prevent Air Canada from engaging in price gouging.
Festival goers claimed they were protesting the price gouging and $4 bottles of water, but that rationale was an afterthought.
President Clinton initially understood that in order to pass health care reform, he had to argue that it would benefit the middle class by preventing price gouging by insurance and drug companies.
com/delta-air-lines-price-gouges-hurricane-irma-evacuees-plane-ticket-600-2586844) reports of price gouging by airlines emerged.
The Stop Price Gouging Act would penalize drug companies that engage in price gouging without cause, leading to price spikes for patients who rely on medication to treat diseases ranging from cancer to opioid addiction.