price gouging

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Noun1.price gouging - pricing above the market price when no alternative retailer is available
pricing - the evaluation of something in terms of its price
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A TD has warned price gouging by hotels could kill off tourist numbers.
The group pointed out that reducing demand for gasoline is a critical factor in blunting the oil company price gouging that Californians witnessed in February when the price of gas jumped a dollar a gallon at the pump when two refineries shut down, Consumer Watchdog said today.
Snyder does "grant the possibility that [the recommended] policies cannot be reflected in price gouging legislation without being so detailed as to restrict efficient increases in supplies of essential goods or so flexible as to be capricious in the application" (289, emphasis added).
For most people, price gouging is primarily a moral issue, not an economic one, and the economic argument against outlawing it has been ineffective.
After Hurricane Sandy hit in the Northeast, reports of local businesses price gouging customers became rampant in New York and New Jersey.
According to US laws, during natural disasters price gouging on essential goods like food, water, gas, is illegal.
It turns out, however, that there is no gasoline price gouging going on in Massachusetts.
Senators call for investigation of oil company activities: A group of Senate Democrats is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate allegations of price gouging by petroleum refiners that may have contributed to gasoline prices rising to over $4 per gallon in many states.
Concomitant with the handing out of the KD 1000 largesse, the ministry - in a step to prevent price gouging by merchants and businesses, has begun issuing a daily handout of approved prices of commodities in local markets.
Earlier this week, in response to consumer complaints of price gouging on the viewing cards, consumer protection officials asked the Al Jazeera station to publish notices reminding customers of the official cost of the cards, which varied from AED 310 to AED 660 depending on the length of viewing time purchased.
So what we have is a potential price gouging in slow motion, when you have a defacto oligopolistic industry that knows it can asks 3 times inflation increases in reimbursements from the insurance companies, just because they can"
Many studies have been undertaken to analyze if indeed price gouging is the driving force leading to these profits.