primary amenorrhea

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Noun1.primary amenorrhea - delay of menarche beyond age 18
amenia, amenorrhea, amenorrhoea - absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow
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Primary amenorrhea is the complete absence of menstruation.
Such patients are usually raised as females, and when they grow older they are admitted to clinics with symptoms such as primary amenorrhea and hypertension (3).
In XX karyotype patients, sexual infantilism and primary amenorrhea occur as a result of absent estrogen production in the ovaries.
Patients with mullerian duct anomalies may manifest with primary amenorrhea in the adolescent age group.
A 50-year-old woman presented to our clinic with complaints of primary amenorrhea, chronic low back pain, and hearing loss.
Of these, 5 of 166 were Italian women with POF (3); 1 of 133 and 2 of 60 Indian women with POF or primary amenorrhea, respectively (4); and 2 of 203 European women with POF (5).

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