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 (prī′mĭt, -māt′)
1. (prī′māt′) Any of various mammals of the order Primates, which consists of the lemurs, lorises, tarsiers, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys, and apes including humans, and is characterized by nails on the hands and feet, a short snout, and a large brain.
2. A bishop of highest rank in a province or country.

[From New Latin Prīmātēs, order name, from Latin prīmātēs, pl. of prīmās, principal, of first rank, from prīmus, first; see per in Indo-European roots. Sense 2, from Middle English primat, from Old French, from Medieval Latin prīmās, prīmāt-, from Latin.]

pri·ma′tial (-mā′shəl) adj.
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I have argued that had there been no specifically regional locus of primatial authority in the El Salvador of Romero's time but only the two levels of the local (diocesan) and universal (papal) structures of ecclesial authority, the mission of the diocesan churches in El Salvador would have been impaired.
5) All canonical and Orthodox bishops participate, not only the primatial hierarchs of each jurisdiction.
Elle est le siege primatial de l'Eeglise copte orthodoxe.
He spoke firmly of the church as 'both monarchical and hierarchical'; the thought that it might be 'both primatial and collegial' did not make an appearance.
101) On good pagans, see also Thomas Charles-Edwards, "Palladius, Prosper, and Leo the Great: Mission and Primatial Authority," in Saint Patrick, A.
A Verger The Lord Bishop of London and Dean of Her Majesty's Chapels Royal The Primatial Cross of Canterbury The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, A Verger The Cross of Westminster and Taperers The Chaplains The Minor Canons of Westminster The Canons' Verger The Canons of Westminster
By ancient tradition, metropolitan and primatial authority was always linked to a specific see.
This can be seen in the jewelled Primatial Cross of Canterbury, 1883, of silver and silver-gilt and also the jewelled ciborium, 1894, of silver parcel gilt from St Mary, Clapham, which epitomise the era.
SIGHTS: Visit Primatial Palace (pounds 1) - there's a statue of St George slaying a dragon, a hall of mirrors and 17th Century English tapestries which were found 100 years ago stuffed in a palace chimney.
The Spanish primatial cathedral of Toledo possesses one of the largest surviving collections of indigenously produced plainsong sources deriving from any major ecclesiastical institution in Western Christendom.
It was unthinkable and intolerable that the Primatial See of England, Canterbury, should remain vacant, but who was to fill it?
and designed by Primatial, is based on a successful program launched in San Francisco in October 2004.