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The branch of zoology that deals with primates.

pri′ma·to·log′i·cal (-tl-ŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
pri′ma·tol′o·gist n.


(Zoology) the branch of zoology that is concerned with the study of primates
ˌprimaˈtologist n
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Noun1.primatology - the branch of zoology that studies primates
mammalogy - the branch of zoology that studies mammals
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One evening, Wolfgang Kohler, a pioneer in primatology, saw that two chimpanzees had been forgotten outside under a driving rain.
That's been documented repeatedly, not in wacko anti-homosexual-agenda propaganda rags but in publications such as Endocrinology, the Journal of Comparative Neurology, the International Journal Primatology, etc.
This book is a major achievement in bringing together a wealth of different data from palaeoanthropology, archaeology, geology, primatology, geography and linguistics, integrating them within a single complex interpretative framework.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Gandhi, Nehru, Frederick Law Olmstead, Daniel Batson, Donald Winnicott, and (most importantly) John Rawls; comfortably working in a transdisciplinary manner in fields like philosophy, ethics, history, music, empirical psychology, primatology, opera, literature, architecture, ancient Greek tragedy and comedy, urban studies and the modern university; she painfully (or stubbornly) avoids God-talk.
Everett spent many years studying the language of a tribe in the Amazon, but his book also borrows insights from fields such as anthropology, computer science, and primatology.
The study is published online in the American Journal of Primatology.
Eleven essays contributed by professionals from a wide range of fields (social and biological anthropology, and primatology among them) explore questions of ethics in conducting the research and disseminating the results.
The discussion on orangutans and how they link with women within the context of primatology is well argued and elaborated on.
The findings are published in the American Journal of Primatology.
In answering this question, much can be learned from many disciplines, from primatology and evolutionary biology, from psychology, archaeology and anthropology, and from the history of the five thousand years since the invention of writing.
It is also part of a broader project on Shakespeare and primatology, co-authored with Holly Dugan.
His popular six-part TV series, Tobias' Bodies, exploring different themes around genetics, anatomy and primatology, was widely acclaimed.