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A gambling card game, popular in Elizabethan England.

[Alteration of Spanish primera, feminine of primero, first, from Latin prīmārius, principal, from prīmus, first; see prime.]


(Historical Terms) chiefly Brit a 16th- and 17th-century card game
[C16: from Spanish primera card game, from primero first, from Latin prīmārius chief]
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Aged 18 months before filtering, Primero retains the oak notes and smoothness of a barrel aged tequila, according to the company.
Silver Wheaton has recently committed to supporting programs led by two of its partners, Primero Mining Corp.
Bechara also presented Dr Majd Naji with the Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Tribute to Charles Vermot.
En revanche, le Mouloudia Marrakech, champion du Maroc, (groupe A) s'est incline devant le club Angolais Primero sur le score de 25 a 27(mi-temps 13-11).
Release date- 23052013 - TORONTO, ONTARIO - Primero Mining Corp.
Deals include three nights' B&B from Gatwick in June at the fourstar Primero Primera in Barcelona from PS329 per person and a threenight, room-only stay at the threestar Ace Hotel in New York from PS649 per person in May from Heathrow.
One of the victims, Geison Valero, belonged to Capriles' party Primero Justicia (First Justice) and the other, Omar Fernandez, was an independent.
The El Primero chronograph shot to fame in 1969 because its automatic mechanical series-made calibre was precise to 1/10th of a second.
Group C includes Algeria's Skikda, Angola's Primero de Agosto, Congo's Etoile, Niger United and Benin's Flowers.
According to a press release, Northgate's previous agreement with Primero Mining has been terminated and Northgate has paid a termination fee of $25 million to Primero.
El Primero, symbol of excellence, is the first integrated automatic chronograph movement capable of measuring short periods of time with one tenth of a second accuracy.