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Giving or having given birth for the first time: primiparous sows.

pri′mi·par′i·ty (-mĭ-păr′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adj.1.primiparous - of or relating to a woman who has given birth only once
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This study will benefit the primiparous women, as they are exposed to the availability of the option to use the suggested biofeedback technique during childbirth.
The outcome of pregnancy was worse in primiparous women as compared to multiparous.
A RCT compared standard antenatal education with an additional 30 minutes of one-on-one education for 158 primiparous women within 24 hours of giving birth.
SAN DIEGO -- Planned primary cesarean delivery was associated with increased morbidity, compared with vaginal delivery, among low-risk primiparous women at term, results from a large population-based study showed.
This result remained significant when primiparous and multiparous women were analyzed separately, but not in the 1 trial (37 participants) that reported on women with an unfavorable cervix.
Consider that a 2003 study in Australia (Tracy and Tracy, 2003) found that the relative cost of birth increased by up to 50 percent for low risk primiparous (first birth) women and up to 36 percent for low risk multiparous (giving birth more than once) women as labor interventions accumulated.
A primiparous 28-year-old woman undergoing augmentation of labour requested epidural analgesia.
A total of 59% of the participants were primiparous, 31% had a history of depression, and 18% had no other mother to talk to.
Dennen's Forceps Deliveries (1) states that operative vaginal delivery from occiput-posterior position may be at a higher station than anticipated, and Obstetrics Forceps (2) describes delivery of a crowning fetus in occiput-posterior position in a primiparous patient as "mid-pelvic.
Females that were classified as primiparous or very old shell multiparous on the basis of shell condition, had low scores for clutch fullness, or had two or more missing or damaged limbs were excluded from the study.