primus inter pares

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pri·mus in·ter pa·res

 (prī′məs ĭn′tər pâr′ēz, prē′mo͝os ĭn′tər pä′rĕs′)
n. pl. pri·mi inter pares (-mī, -mē)
The first among equals.

[Latin prīmus inter parēs : prīmus, first + inter, among + parēs, pl. of pār, equal.]

primus inter pares

(ˈpraɪməs ɪntə ˈpɑːrɪz)
first among equals

pri•mus in•ter pa•res

(ˈpri mʊs ˈɪn tɛr ˈpɑ rɛs; Eng. ˈpraɪ məs ˈɪn tər ˈpɛər iz, ˈpri-)
Latin. (of males) first among equals.

primus inter pares

A Latin phrase meaning first among equals.
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Within the gallery of greats so often mythologized and capitalized as Founding Fathers, Washington was recognized as primus inter pares, the Foundingest Father of them all.
While Florence was still in the process of transforming itself into the primus inter pares of Italy's city states, the Ming emperors were overlords of the largest country in the world.
It is very humiliating to see that the ecumenical patriarchate that is recognized as the first among equals -- primus inter pares -- is subordinated to the EyE-p District Governor's Office (EyE-p Kaymakamlyy-y) and not free of the state.
Ostensibly a reformer, Khalifa Bin Hamad nevertheless kept most powers with him, which belied the primus inter pares (first among equals) myth.
The ANC is very much the primus inter pares of the governing alliance with the South African Communist Party and the union umbrella group COSATU, but the relationship is symbiotic and membership often overlaps.
Therefore, they decided to create the EDPartners Awards to distinguish their suppliers and business partners that are primus inter pares (first among equals), in other words to identify the best among the best.
He is Prime Minister - primus inter pares - of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
As of now, the commitment is a diplomatic gesture rather than a concrete step since the reform of the UN is still some time away and the US, though primus inter pares, will still be one actor amongst many in that process.
With NOTRE TERREUR, the jury values in particular the impressive performance of an accomplished ensemble in which the actors are turned into co-directors and the director himself becomes a primus inter pares.
The addition of the "C" to JIIM should be interpreted as adding a sector that is primus inter pares (first among equals) in our professional language in ROMO and FSO.
From his records as professor of economics, ex-chief economic advisor to the President and immediate past governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, Soludo stands out as primus inter pares among the candidates lined up for the Anambra governorship race.