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A prince judged to be of minor status or importance.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Also called: princekin a young prince
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Also called: princelet the ruler of an insignificant territory; petty or minor prince


(ˈprɪns lɪŋ)

also prince•let




a young, subordinate, or minor prince.
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Noun1.princeling - a petty or insignificant prince who rules some unimportant principality
prince - a male member of a royal family other than the sovereign (especially the son of a sovereign)
2.princeling - a young prince
prince - a male member of a royal family other than the sovereign (especially the son of a sovereign)


n (old, liter)Prinzchen nt
References in classic literature ?
Despite his chill, and despite his teeth that were already beginning to chatter while the burning sun extracted the moisture in curling mist-wreaths from the deck planking, Van Horn cuddled Jerry in his arms and called him princeling, and prince, and a king, and a son of kings.
Here are 20 facts about the man and the country over which he rules 1 Born in Beijing in 1953, as the son of revolutionary general Xi Zhongxun, a comrade of Chairman Mao, he led the privileged childhood of a so-called Red Princeling.
One princeling told a Western diplomat of their contempt for the previous plebian leadership.
It's not a film for 8-year-olds at all, actually (some of the violence is pretty gruesome) -- though there's an 8-year-old in the film, a little princeling who worships our hero and assures him that "I know all your Labours by heart" (he's also English, well-rounded vowels being apparently essential to the Ancient Greece experience).
He also stepped up personal attacks on Rahul, describing him as a pampered princeling who has failed to back up his tall promises of empowering the poor with results.
Dubai: For anyone who thinks cash is king, plastic a princeling and bitcoin the new powercentre when it comes to paying for goods, barter is not about to give up its niche without putting up a stiff fight.
In short, the new princeling will be born with an entire canteen of 24-carat gold cutlery stuck between its toothless gums.
In reality, Jesus was a son of King Abgarus au Kama of Edessa, a minor princeling with a small realm, a large treasury, and big ambitions.
I am already a fan of incoming Chinese Paramount Leader Xi Jinping, the princeling technocrat anointed as the new general secretary of the Communist Party and the holder of Mao/Deng's mandate of heaven in the People's Republic for the next decade.
So our young princeling must battle his way through a million other princes for a shot at the title of being the last prince standing and, therefore, heir to the throne.
A car accident in Beijing that involved the son of a major Communist Party princeling Ferrari and the Bo Xilai scandal (with his alleged $160 million in offshore assets) means flamboyant displays of wealth are not exactly flavour of the month in the Middle Kingdom.
She has a foot both in the princeling camp and in Hu's Youth League camp.