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Noun1.print seller - someone who sells etchings and engravings etc.
art dealer - a dealer in works of art requiring esthetic evaluation
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A very good, vibrantly hand-coloured version of this etching, published by Miss Hannah Humphrey, Gillray's publisher, print seller and indeed landlady, achieved the auction record of 12,547 [pounds sterling] for a Gillray, at Bonhams in 2003 (Fig.
According to McCreery, however, there was a profusion of female print sellers, for "a woman's role as a print seller was considered a natural and appropriate one"(25).
In our industry, outside of the necessary information being nailed down regarding end use, unwind directions, stocks, liners and adhesives, much of the interaction between the print buyer and print seller revolve around the communication describing the desired reproduction of the artwork.
Taking all jobs, said Simpkins, turns the print seller into a print buyer, who must shop among other commercial printers, usually jobbing out all but the cold set printing.
As a print seller, bookkeeper, preacher, schoolmaster and theological student, this headstrong and irascible young man, given to bouts of religious fervour, self-mortification and depression, had at best struggled and at worst failed outright.
Chromapress users participating in the Network can act in various capacities, for instance, as the site requesting the job, the PrintCast Print Seller (PPS) or the PrintCast Print Provider (PPP) - the site performing the job.
The result was a market flooded with cheap prints to the point where print sellers and publishers were almost forced out of business.