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Noun1.priority processing - data processing in which the operations performed are determined by a system of priorities
background processing, backgrounding - the execution of low priority programs while higher priority programs are not using the processing system
data processing - (computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information
foreground processing, foregrounding - the execution of a program that preempts the use of the processing system
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If foreign workers in these prescribed tech occupations obtain a full-time permanent job in British Columbia they can benefit from priority processing to secure a BC PNP nomination certificate.
First Command Bank's Visa cardholders will be offered priority processing for increases to credit limits and deferments of monthly payments.
The MoU would enable Meezan Bank's Hino Kazay customers to enjoy priority processing and quicker delivery.
This may change at a later date, but it would require the VA and Congress to risk another VA backlog to everyday compensation claims as they endured with the priority processing of Nehmer claims.
Through this unique partnership, Novotech clients will be able to select from a wide menu of assays or biomarkers, access a trial-specific kit assembly service and use a single clinical trial-dedicated laboratory with a global reach, for priority processing of clinical trial samples.
mt=8) eID app, you will get priority processing and faster returns.
In our research, responsiveness is improved by using multiple cache servers, and the quality of resource served by them is raised by priority processing.
s MyoRegulator PM-2200 system has received Expedited Access Pathway designation and priority processing status from the US Food and Drug Administration, the company said.
The 30-year-old alien apparently resented the delay as he was travelling with his pregnant Filipino wife, Kristine Maceda Alingod, despite being given priority processing at the BI counter.
Prior to the earthquake in Haiti, Operational Bulletin (OB) 83, "Guidelines for Priority Processing in the Event of Disaster Situations," was issued in 2008.
There are more permutations: zone batch picking, multi-order picking, pick and pass, priority processing, multi-carton processing, etc.
Other services to be offered include trade finance documentation and at their doorstep and its priority processing, along with collections of cheques and other papers from the clients," Baloch said, because "we understand our customers are busy.

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