prison guard

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Noun1.prison guard - someone who guards prisonersprison guard - someone who guards prisoners  
keeper - someone in charge of other people; "am I my brother's keeper?"
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law
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What with his coolness and his soldierly bearing, he looked far more like the prison guard.
LAWYERS will submit their final arguments in the appeal of a prison guard jailed for five years for smuggling drugs into Bahrain's main prison.
He revealed that during his visit at the NBP, he was told that the base pay of prison guard is only P12,000--making them prone to accepting bribe and grease money from wealthy prisoners inside.
The 34-year-old prison guard, however, resisted and tried to run away to an area without any closed-circuit television cameras.
YESTERDAY, our sister paper the Sunday Mail brought you the story of a prison guard who was left scarred for life in a savage razor attack by an inmate.
The food will be left next to the cell door, and of course you will share it with the prison guard, as if it is a meal for both of you.
The Egyptian beauty proved herself in her latest work, the highly successful Ramadan hit "Sijn Al Nisa'a" (Women's Prison) , where she played the role of a prison guard, and man did she play it well
A prison guard has been fined Dhs5,000 after an inmate gave him the slip in a hospital.
Summary: FUJAIRAH - The Criminal Circuit of the Fujairah Federal Court on Tuesday sentenced a prison inmate to 10 years more in jail and pay a fine of Dh20,000 after he was caught with hashish by a prison guard.
A PRISON guard has been suspended from his job after an inmate was found hanged in his cell.
A PRISON guard has been suspended after an inmate was found hanged in his cell.
Rosales said that due to the incident, he has already ordered the suspension of the prison guard on duty.