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adj. pris·si·er, pris·si·est
Excessively or affectedly prim and proper.

[Perhaps blend of pri(m) and (si)ssy.]

pris′si·ly adv.
pris′si·ness n.
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Adv.1.prissily - in a prissy manner; "the new teacher alienates the children by behaving prissily"
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In Something to Die For (1991), Webb's bloodless villain is a defense secretary--a product of Harvard, naturally--who prissily disapproves of the photo of Nathan Bedford Forrest that decorates the office of the elderly Senate majority leader, a Mississippi populist who wants us to tend to our own affairs rather than go abroad to slay dragons.
He would have read my Open Letter to David Cameron and yelled that 'that c**t Fry needs another f**king dressing f**king down' - just the kind of language that his paper would prissily decry of course, there's the glory in the vile bastard's hypocrisy.
HIS voice prissily spinsterish, his face sprouting wispy tufts of Old Man's Beard, the Archbishop of Canterbury lurches from error to idiocy.
There was no hunting, no shooting, only poor fishing' and he remarks prissily that 'one would have liked to see them more inclined to take advantage of the ample leisure at their disposal by pursuing some one of the studies, historical, scientific, or technical, which belong to their profession'.
Any prize-seeking gardener will tell you the hardest part of keeping a garden looking good is the lawn," said one prissily.
Its deal with Culina Logistics, would, it said prissily, provide a "wider industry solution for the chilled consolidation marketplace".
To these she added some prissily hung tinsel and an overall swaddling of spun glass called "angel hair.
and the prissily bred middle-class Jews who thought me insufferably rude.
And she gives Lopez a disapproving equerry called 'Valera' who, travelling by train in England, 'would not take his hat off his lap, his knees prissily together, the words stalled in his mouth' (p.