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Noun1.private line - a telephone line serving a single subscriberprivate line - a telephone line serving a single subscriber
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Twenty minutes after Paulvitch had called Tarzan, Rokoff obtained a connection with Olga's private line.
So while Bell, in eloquent rhapsodies, painted word- pictures of a universal telephone service to applauding audiences, Sanders and Hubbard were leasing telephones two by two, to business men who previously had been using the private lines of the Western Union Telegraph Company.
And the Western Union, in the endeavor to protect its private lines, became involuntarily a bell-wether to lead capitalists in the direction of the telephone.
Private line services for VIP customers present a valuable strategic market for major telecommunications providers like China Telecom.
Under the order by DISA/DITCO, CenturyLink will leverage its state-of-the-art nationwide backbone to deliver secure and robust private line services, from Digital Signal Level (DS)-0 through Optical Carrier Level (OC)-768.
360networks announced on Tuesday it has deployed private line circuits for SDN Communications, a coalition of South Dakota-based independent telephone companies operating in the northern plains region.
Powering its global trading platform--CME Globex--the exchange offers MCI's Private Line Ethernet Services to connect more than 600 customers so trades are quickly received and transacted.
According to Insight Research's industry analysis, Private Line Services 2003-2008, the ever-increasing demand for high-bandwidth circuits required to handle data transmission and Internet applications is a primary factor driving private line market growth.
Flexible Private Line Service is a point-to-point, dedicated connection targeted to enterprise customers, emerging carriers and resellers.
Resellers lease private line circuits from facilities-based carriers such as Unitel and Bell Canada and resell this capacity to businesses and other organizations.
Luminous Networks combines new emerging revenue-bearing "opportunistic" services such as Ethernet Private Line, Transparent LAN Services (TLS), and traditionally "provisioned" services such as TDM voice and video, over a single operational platform.

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