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Noun1.private road - a road leading up to a private houseprivate road - a road leading up to a private house; "they parked in the driveway"
road, route - an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
turnaround - an area sufficiently large for a vehicle to turn around
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Green's park-gates: near which commenced the private road to Horton Lodge, which lay in the opposite direction, while the highway conducted in a straightforward course to the still more distant mansion of Sir Hugh Meltham.
Thus--I am almost ashamed to confess it--but indeed I gave myself no little trouble in my endeavours (if I did keep up with them) to appear perfectly unconscious or regardless of their presence, as if I were wholly absorbed in my own reflections, or the contemplation of surrounding objects; or, if I lingered behind, it was some bird or insect, some tree or flower, that attracted my attention, and having duly examined that, I would pursue my walk alone, at a leisurely pace, until my pupils had bidden adieu to their companions and turned off into the quiet private road.
By this time the Greens had taken themselves to their own abode, and the Murrays had turned down the private road, whither I hastened to follow them.
It must have been one o'clock before we drove in a hansom as far as Kensington Church, instead of getting down at the gates of our private road to ruin.
Drivers were told by one resident it was a private road and they would have to pay PS10 to leave.
On Sunday, four suspected NPA rebels destroyed two heavy equipment owned by a private road contractor in Barangay Kalyaat in Lucban town.
A PRIVATE road is a road which is owned and maintained by a private individual, organisation or company rather than by the local authority.
According to reports, the accident took place in a private road in Sylikou, in the Limassol district.
Royden Way junction Brunswick Business Park private road - entry/exit to Sefton Street controlled by stewards 9am-4pm Atlantic Way south .
a private road, told selectmen at their March 9 meeting that initially this winter, his end of Park Street was plowed by the town and then the practice was stopped.
Sources revealed the would-be burglars drove up the private road to her property, before walking to the backyard and hurling a chair through a sliding glass door.
The property sits on a private road in this popular village and is ideally located for local schools.

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