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tr.v. pri·va·tized, pri·va·tiz·ing, pri·va·tiz·es
To change (an industry or business, for example) from governmental or public ownership or control to private enterprise: "Egypt has to some degree privatized agriculture, allowing farmers to sell directly to consumers instead of through the government" (Marq de Villiers).

pri′va·ti·za′tion (prī′və-tĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈpraɪvətaɪzd) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (of the production of goods or services) transferred from the public sector of an economy into private ownership and operation


[ˈpraɪvətaɪzd] privatised (British) adjprivatisé(e)
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The office-bearers of Employees Unity told that employees of CAA's departments, which were being privatized, would be terminated on the basis of golden shake hand policy adding that employees who have completed the five years of service and aged to fifty years would be included in the category of golden shake hand policy's beneficiaries.
Through investment tenders in 2006-2014 Azerbaijan has privatized 65 state-owned enterprises.
The PPP leader raised objections over the privatization policy of the government and said the entities which were proposed to be privatized were part of the second legislative list of the constitution.
International Monitory Fund (IMF) all the important institutions of the government would be privatized within two years which was tantamount to making the workers slaves of the capitalist.
To date, 22 power plants with a total generation capacity of 19,500 megawatts have been privatized, he said, adding that shares of 22 other power plants, valued at 180 trillion rials, will be sold to the private sector.
Since the license fee will remain in place even if RTP-1 is privatized and the savings will be limited to the state's direct contribution, critics see the real reason as a ploy to mute political opposition to Portugal's prime minister, 48-year-old Pedro Passos Coelho of the center-right Social Democratic Party.
The timeline likely would make this the first sizable airport privatized under a test Federal Aviation Administration program.
Four thermal power plants were earlier reported to be privatized apart from portfolio groups.
He also suspects plans of preparing to remove the company from the list of state entities that cannot be privatized.
Army privatized lodging at 10 installations in August 2009 and plans to privatize its remaining domestic facilities in the future.
Through a privatized program, "there will be a shortfall initially until people with accounts start retiring and easing the burden on the government," concedes Moore.
By taking into account their complete privatization, we need to start working to eliminate possible negative effects when (postal services) become fully privatized,'' Yosano said in an NHK television program.