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Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory: proactive steps to prevent terrorism.

pro·ac′tion n.
pro·ac′tive·ly adv.
pro·ac′tive·ness, pro′ac·tiv′i·ty n.


action that initiates change as opposed to reaction to events
[C20: from pro-2 + (re)action]
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: Cliff Bar & Company, Coca-Cola, Glanbia Nutritionals, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Abbott Nutrition, Champion Nutrition, Cytosport, Friggs AB, GNC Holdings, Monster Beverage Corporation, Nutrition & Sante, PacificHealth Laboratories, PowerBar Europe, ProAction Srl, Reflex Nutrition, Science in Sports (SiS), Universal Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition
Top end almost two hours earlier, Allardyce had called for control, proaction.
l]'ensemble des considerations qui precedent incitent des lors le Tribunal a ajouter, aux criteres qui etaient deja envisages par les tribunaux lorsqu'il s'agissait de statuer sur une irrecevabilite partielle avant le 1er janvier 2003, un critere additionnel derive du principe de la proportionnalite et du devoir de proaction du juge : le fait que la composante irrecevable du debat mu devant le tribunal heurterait ou non le principe de la proportionnalite si le moyen d'irrecevabilite partielle devait etre relegue au statut de moyen de defense et defere pour ce motif au juge du fond (para 90).
On the contrary, human resource development climate is known as a basic factor in determining organizational citizenship behavior ,productivity, success and set of three dimensions supportive climate, HRD mechanism and Octapace culture (openness, collaboration, trust, authenticity, proaction, autonomy, confrontation) that have strong effect on organizational citizenship behavior of the employees.
In addition, $529,000 will be used to implement the proAction Initiative, a national assurance program for dairy production that demonstrates the dairy industry s continued commitment to customers to provide high-quality, safe Canadian milk and dairy products that are produced responsibly.
He chose cowboys, knights and youth, drawing associations with figures who demonstrated individualism and proaction, but who worked for the good of the community.
Morris, Webb, and Franklin (2011) assess five empirical studies that examine the EO and performance relationship in nonprofts and found that two studies (Bhuian, Menguc, and Bell, 2005; Pearce, Fritz, and Davis, 2010) found a positive impact for EO on some measure of economic or financial performance of the nonprofits; two studies (Coombes, Morris, and Allen, 2009; Morris, Coombes, and Schindehutte, 2007) found no significant linkages in nonprofits between EO and financial performance, and one study (Voss, Voss, and Moorman, 2005) found that the relationships between three dimensions of EO--risk taking, proaction and innovativeness--and financial performance were mixed depending on the measure of performance used.
I wish my own ward councillors would show as much proaction.
However of particular note is the high reputation--for independent proaction in providing analyses of trends and issues--of the large Australian Parliamentary Library in Canberra.
This is one plane in our inventory that i s positive in proaction.