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1. Of, relating to, or based on probabilism.
2. Of, based on, or affected by probability, randomness, or chance: "Like powerful sorcerers, all humans can see the future—not a clear and determined future, but a murky, probabilistic one" (Jonathan Gottschall).

prob′a·bil·ist′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.probabilistically - by the use of probability theory; "we can calculate the position of the particles probabilistically"
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Helpful here is the clarification of "strong" versus "weak" randomness, with the former involving stochastic (causal) processes constituted by indiscriminate and hence probabilistically equivalent processes of elemental replacements that are invariant over time (so that mutations are no more or less likely to occur at any site of that process), and with the latter involving same processes that are either discriminate (hence probabilistically un-equivalent) or variant over time, or both.
However, while Doomsday arguments are probabilistically, epistemically, and metaphysically stronger than the Simulation Argument, anthropic reasoning can (and should) refrain from embracing either.
applying the correct multiplication rule for probabilistically dependent
y], that are probabilistically independent of one another, and two available actions, [a.
SHEDS-Multimedia complements IEUBK by considering human exposures probabilistically.
For us to have the form of speech we call "predictions" we need a future that can be known only probabilistically.
According to partitioning such as k-mean, bisecting k means methods, Metroid methods, partitioning around medoids (PAM), clustering large applications (CLARA) and probabilistically clustering algorithms.
Substituting a value of the mean type, quantified in a deterministic manner as part of the classical statistical thinking, with the inferentiation, within a confidence interval, of a probabilistically simulated variable such as that of European funds accessed, clearly outlines through placing emphasis on generating random samples focused on systematic draws, alongside the descriptive statistical presentation of the distributions resulting from the random draws for independent variables, investigated and tested in relation to the distributional concordance (Dinu, Savoiu, & Dabija, 2016)--the specifics of applying the method for this article.
If we can probabilistically say here's a person or business who is extremely unlikely to fail a background check .
Probabilistically, you'll generate enough wins to justify the ad placement by pitching the tagline, "Hug a Nicaraguan coffee tree this winter.
Of the software solutions on the market, only a small set claim to be able to probabilistically predict anomaly failure or growth of any type.
However, only instantaneous limit states which dominate the others probabilistically, and also define the safe region, are included in the probability of failure calculation.

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