probability density function

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probability density function

(Statistics) statistics a function representing the relative distribution of frequency of a continuous random variable from which parameters such as its mean and variance can be derived and having the property that its integral from a to b is the probability that the variable lies in this interval. Its graph is the limiting case of a histogram as the amount of data increases and the class intervals decrease in size. Also called: density function Compare cumulative distribution function, frequency distribution

probabil′ity den`sity func`tion

1. a function of a continuous variable whose integral over a region gives the probability that a random variable falls within the region.
2. a function of a discrete variable whose sum over a discrete set gives the probability of occurrence of a specified value.
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Compute the probability density function of all hundred speech database feature vectors in the index database to the query GMM.
mean densities) were also assumed to follow a Poisson probability density function typical of count or density data, reflecting the high probability of observing few individuals and the long tail of decreasing probabilities of high densities of geoducks.
When r = 0 probability density function (42) represents f([alpha]) = c x [[alpha].
The specific attributes of uncertainty are usually described by probability density function (PDF) or statistical parameters (e.
n] is an unknown realization of the random noise process, which we assume to be identically distributed with known probability density function.
While the discrete probability density functions meet the probability density function (PDF) specification (i.
The probability density function (1) can be rewritten in a more convenient form for further derivation as
The aim of the stochastic watershed Angulo and Jeulin (2007) is to estimate for each point of the contours of a standard watershed a probability (called here probability density function of contours) of detection from random markers.
Calculating the probability density function and comparing it with the optimum density function enables one to draw conclusions about necessary measures to adjust the voltage level--adjustment of transformer taps or reinforcing the supply circuit (transformer and lines) or improving reactive power compensation.
The prediction of the tank position and orientation after it comes to a complete stop and can explode consists in the choice of either joint probability density function f([y.
infinity] f(x)dx, where f(x) is the probability density function of X.

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