probability theorist

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Noun1.probability theorist - a mathematician who specializes in probability theory
mathematician - a person skilled in mathematics
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Lebanese born Nassim Nicholas Talib, a probability theorist, uses the black swan event as a metaphor to describe the hard to predict, large impact, random happenings beyond the realm of normal expectation that can wreck the best laid plans of mice and men or - because they come in every possible shape, size, colour and guise - gloriously transform the hour, the day or a whole life.
The objective approach is represented by Jaynes (2005) and earlier probability theorists such as Harold Jeffreys (1961), and the subjective approach is associated primarily with Bruno de Finetti (1974).
The Bayesian probability theorists argue that it is inherently meaningless to be uncertain about a probability since this appears to violate the subjectivists' assumption that individual can develop unique and precise probability judgments.

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