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v. t.1.To propose problems.
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Although there is substantial motivation to detect early changes predictive of the disease and procure preventative treatment, this quest is problematized by the lack of consistent correlations between biological signs and symptom severity.
The title New Approaches to Resistance is somewhat misleading, in that the notion of resistance is problematized to such a degree that a more appropriate title would have been New Approaches to Subaltern Agency (or, more colloquially, What Are Some Things That Oppressed People Sometimes Do?
It's a curious effect, the way identity is both foregrounded and problematized throughout the text by the focus on surface detail, and it does much to strengthen the tone overall.
In a previous paper (2002), the author argued among other things that the sort of character trait problematized by Hartshorne and May's (1928) famous study of honesty is not the right sort to trouble the theory of virtue.
Rather, there are many complications in this venture that need to be problematized in order to make it useful for anti-homophobia education (SM).
In this overview, it becomes apparent that the question of gender, a central concern in Lucas's oeuvre, has been more radically problematized by other artists, notably Adrian Piper in her "Mythic Being" series (1972-75).
The reflective framework I propose in this paper identifies three patterns of reflection based on a problematized and social notion of teaching.
The focus of chapter 3, on Hamlet, is The Murder of Gonzago, an incomplete and thus problematized imitation of the dumb show introducing it, which is itself an imitation of an old play in the actors' repertory as well as of recent events at Elsinore.
It simultaneously celebrated and problematized cultural difference and foreshadowed both latter twentieth century multiculturalism as well as neo-conservative thought.
Tourism, Shaffer contends, was central to the devel opment of a national culture as the impact of industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and other fragmenting forces problematized earlier assumptions about American life.
Like other film historians following Barbara Ehrenreich's germinal analysis of the "male flight from commitment" in North America after the war; I would identif y a first Playboy phase of the SR, one of male entitlement and consumption, which the cinema, and the documentary cinema in particular-as we shall see-played out and problematized in the 1960s.
Linked to multiculturalism's history, multicultural literature is problematized in its embrace or rejection of "authentically ethnic" voices and its focus on "celebrating" diversity.