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also pro·bos·cid·i·an  (prō′bə-sĭd′ē-ən, prō-bŏs′ĭ-dē′ən)
Any of various mammals of the order Proboscidea, including elephants and their extinct relatives, usually having a trunk and tusks.
Of or belonging to the order Proboscidea.

[From New Latin Proboscidea, order name, from Latin proboscis, proboscid-, proboscis; see proboscis.]
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Noun1.proboscidian - massive herbivorous mammals having tusks and a long trunkproboscidian - massive herbivorous mammals having tusks and a long trunk
eutherian, eutherian mammal, placental, placental mammal - mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
order Proboscidea, Proboscidea - an order of animals including elephants and mammoths
elephant - five-toed pachyderm
mastodon, mastodont - extinct elephant-like mammal that flourished worldwide from Miocene through Pleistocene times; differ from mammoths in the form of the molar teeth
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Let me propose your name for membership in the Imperial Order of Abnormal Proboscidians, of which I am the High Noble Toby and Surreptitious Treasurer.
You're missing amazing sights," he says to us, and he leads us to the proboscidians, the mammals with large noses.